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What is the difference between a giclee and a print?

Welcome to my web shop. I am an American artist and illustrator living in Norway. You can purchase my beautiful glicee prints below.


My studio is located on our little farm in the woods. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by the peaceful serenity of the forest. The only sounds are natural ones. This gives me peace of mind and inhibits me to let my creative fantasies be realized.


Breath taking nature is reflected in my art. I am passionate about color, brushstrokes and texture. My pallet knives are my best friends.

My focus is to continue to develop new techniques. If you purchase my quality giclee prints, I hope they will bring you enjoyment for many years to come. 

Why should you buy a giclee ?

​Because of it's high quality and relative rarity, a limited edition giclee is valuable from it's initial printing. But these giclee prints also become more valuable over time as the artist gains more and more recognition and the edition of the print sells out. In fact, at recent auctions, giclee prints have been purchased for thousands of dollars.

It's no wonder Giclees are quickly gaining popularity over other fine art printing mediums like lithographs. So should you buy a giclee print?


If you want to own a print that's archival, valuable and respected by fine art experts, then the answer is simple: Absolutely

What is the difference between a giclee and a print?

Giclee is the first and only fine art print to be made with an ink jet printer. Pronounced, zhee'clay, the word comes from the French, meaning to spray, which is exactly what an ink jet printer does.


The quality of a giclee print is far superior to all other forms of printing