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Why should you buy a giclee print?

Because of it's high quality and relative rarity, a limited edition giclee is valuable from it's initial printing. But these giclee prints also become more valuable over time as the artist gains more and more recognition and the edition of the print sells out. In fact, at recent auctions, giclee prints have been purchased for thousands of dollars.


High quality, archival image. The giclee print medium has been a revolution in fine art printing. Recognized as the most accurate printing technique, giclees are 98% true to the original. In fact, without a close inspection some giclees are difficult to distinguish from the original painting.


The professional 8 to 12-color ink jet printers used in the process produce a high resolution image of 1400 to 1800 dpi (dots per inch). And because no screens are used, continuous color is achieved. That means no visible dots as you would get with lithographs. Authentic giclees are made with the finest pigments and printed on acid-free substrates such as canvas. They are guaranteed to be light fast for 100 years. If framed under glass, this can even extend to 200 years.

It's no wonder Giclees are quickly gaining popularity over other fine art printing mediums like lithographs. So should you buy a giclee print?


If you want to own a print that's archival, valuable and respected by fine art experts, then the answer is simple: Absolutely.


Paper: All of my self-made glicee prints are printed on Epson textured matte museum quality paper. This 100% cotton fibre paper features an acid-free based surface with an elegant velvet surface that delivers a high D-Max and a wide color gamut. Museum quality paper.

Each limited print is hand-signed in pencil and numbered. I will only be selling a limited number of prints of each artwork.

Information: Prints are sold unmatted, and unframed with a white border. Hanging your beautiful glicee in direct sunlight is not recommended.

Size: 329mm X 483mm (13 “X 19”)


Printer: Canon Pro 100S

Color: full spectrum archive inks.
*Please note that the colors on the actual print may vary slightly on a monitor display.


Shipping: Shipped world wide in a flat, reinforced cardboard envelope. Standard 2-5 weeks. Not door to door. 

I ship orders every week day. Arrival time may vary according to destination, but the standard shipping time is 1-15 weekdays, once the order is shipped depending how far you are from me.


Norwegian postal service is my current shipping agent and they provide customers with a tracking number when the item is shipped.


However, please note, all VAT or other import taxes that are applied by the postal service in your home country (sometimes up to 25%) are in the responsibility of the buyer and will not be paid in part or in full by Erinsworld. While I regret any delays that may be caused by postal and customs processing in other countries, Erinsworld can not be responsible.

Please research your local rules before shipping.

Price: $49. 00 per print.

Domestic shipping (Norway): $10.00
Rest of world: $18.00


Currency: USD


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
Kind Regards,


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